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SI Exam Interview – R square academy is Chennai’s best TNUSRB SI interview coaching centre.  “Interview” refers to a one-on-one conversation between an interviewer and the candidates.  A good expert is welcoming, conversational, and considerate. Face-to-face interviewing helps both peoples interact, form a connection, and understand each other.

R Square Academy Is The Best TNUSRB SI Interview Coaching Centre in Chennai

R square academy is the best TNUSRB SI Interview coaching centre in Chennai. An interview is a stage that is one of the most important for the candidates to get selected for various recruitment opportunities. The final interview round is a method in which the authorities ask one on one questions of TNUSRB from the candidates appearing after passing the main written examination stages.

Tnusrb si interview date 2022 is Expected to be conducted by the end of this year and Tnusrb si interview result will be published after certificate verification by January 2023.

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    Questions Asked In TNUSRB SI Interview

    Here we provide some general questions asked in the TNUSRB SI interview. It will be very useful for you to crack it.

    A few Important SI Interview Questions are given below:

    1. Tell me about yourself?

    2. Why should we hire you?

    3. Why do you want this job?

    4. What are your greatest strengths

    5. What is your greatest achievement? 6. Tell me about a time you fell?

    7. How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?

    8. What makes you unique?

    9. Where do you see yourself after 10 years?

    10. Out of all the candidates why should we hire you

    11. Why do you want to be a police officer?

    12. What qualities make a good police officer?

    13. What are the responsibilities of the police

    14. Difference between CSR and FIR?

    15. How do you react if a suspect offers money for you to forget his crime

    16. What physical training activities are you currently involved in?

    17. What would you do if you witness a robbery in front of you?

    18. Would you follow an order by a superior if you know it is against the regulations?

    19. list the duties of a Police Officer

    20. Who is your role model?

    21. What would you do if you win I crore in a lottery

    22. What is your long time goal

    23. What is your short time goal

    24. How can you manage pressure in family and work at the same tins

    25. What would you do if your junior officer doesn’t obey you?

    26. Do you drink or smoke?

    27. How do you see a politician?

    28. What will be your first order if you become CM of Tamilnadu?

    29. What is your opinion about bribery

    30. What will you do if someone manhandles you in the middle of the road?

    31. What is your opinion about the encounter?

    32. Do you have any questions for us?

    • Do Remember That Your Next Question Will Be Based On Your Previous Answer. So Answer Smart And Wise.
    • Start Preparing For These Questions And More Questions Will Be Updated Daily

    Current affairs of Tamilnadu

    We used to guide the students based on current affairs of Tamilnadu and motivate our students to read the newspapers.

    Candidates Resume

    Students must be clear in their resumes particularly. Questions will be asked about your resume in detail.

    Applied Post

    Questions will be asked by your applied post in detail. It was triggered based on the position for which you have applied.

    General Knowledge

    We give guidance for the students to know about general knowledge questions on every topic.

    Strength and Weakness

    The strength and weaknesses of yours will be asked about by the TNUSRB authority. Your interest will be asked about by experts.

    Proper salutations and body language

    You must greet the authorities with proper salutations while going for the interview round. Body language will be observed by the experts.

    Interview Round

    Candidates who qualified from the Written and physical tests will be applicable to give TNUSRB SI exam interview round. The interview round is conducted to test the candidate’s communication skills. Moreover, the interview round will consist of 10 marks for open and departmental candidates. Otherthan interview marks, Candidates in both categories holding special NCC/NSS/Sports certificates will get extra 5 marks. 

    To crack SI exam interview

    Cracking the TNUSRB SI exam interview 2022 will be easy for the students who prepare the general knowledge and current affairs questions. To practice questions from our academy practice sets. To learn the basics, refer to the books that can help you to clear the concepts that were downloaded from our website easily. Evaluate your practice sets. To strengthen your weak areas. Finally, attempt mock tests. Questions will be designed to test the ability of the candidate’s general knowledge of national & international levels.

    Tnusrb si interview date 2022 is Expected to be conducted by December 2022  and Tnusrb si interview result will be published after certificate verification by Starting of 2023.


    Candidate should be minimum 20 years and maximum 28 years old as of the date of reckoning given in the official notification. 

    Start your preparation early, complete the syllabus, practice sample question papers and revise the topics

    The candidates who had appeared for the exam can check their marks at the official website, tnusrbonline.org.

    Yes, TNUSRB SI Previous papers will be helpful for candidates. You should solve previous year’s question papers to get a better understanding of the TNUSRB SI Exam’s paper format. It will help the candidate to get to see the difficulty level of the paper. Moreover, this will help candidates to prepare well for the TNUSRB Exam 2022.

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